3 + 1 = chess

An article about how Boffi lives in Milan in 2019.

Stand of united companies Boffi, e DePadova, ADL, MA / U Studio. Photos from the site –

Yes, there are 4 brands in the photo.

Boffi DNA can be seen another addition. The three companies combined, Boffi – manufacturer of kitchens, MA / U – Danish studio, e DePadova – furniture manufacturer, joined by another young (2004), an Italian company – ADL. Boffi bought a 50% stake in ADL. As you know, it is engaged in the production of doors and partitions for spaces.

Says Massimo Luca, founder of ADL:
“I would not have entered into such a partnership with anyone other than Boffi. We know and appreciate each other over the years. Their vision is based on the industrial know-how, and this is the key to mutual growth”.

CEO Boffi Roberto Gavazzi continues to praise him:

“Massimo is a great resource. Having it with us is definitely an added value, thanks to the perfect combination of creativity and technical vision. Due to the ADL and its collections of our proposal for the interior design will be even more complete and consistent”.

The head of the Boffi Roberto Gavazzi (his son Nicolo leads the sales department) – photo from the site

Boffi, as always, spends Milan weekly. This is indicated by the figures: 5000 sq.m. exhibition space, 4 brands, 40 news, 18 designers, +50.000 visitors. The entire architectural line of the interior is built along a simple and clear line, namely, on the purity of the water. Such a concept (“When water meets …”) was developed by Piero Lissoni. He plays with past and future visions on an imaginary chessboard of solid and empty spaces, white and black, and water is the source of life and a fundamental part of architecture.

Stand of united companies Boffi, e DePadova, ADL, MA / U Studio. Photos from the site –

“The game of chess: the first move, counter-move, and so on. Unless you anticipate what may happen in parallel, it is impossible to create and implement a strategy. We combined four separate companies and ensured their full integration. At the exhibition, we demonstrate an architectural model, a model of life, which corresponds to what has already been built and achieved. And we didn’t stop and still play our game”, this is Lissoni’s creative plan.

Stand of united companies Boffi, e DePadova, ADL, MA / U Studio. Photos from the site –

And here, video from the field. Click on the space during playback to record the details in the sketchbook.

Video from the stand.
Video from Boffi showroom.

And, look at the new interior design from Boffi, e DePadova, ADL, MA / U Studio in our album on Facebook.

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