Apartment in Minsk

A simple and comfortable apartment in Minsk for a young girl was designed almost entirely by herself. The budget for the repair of apartment is strict, the customer prefers traveling but still many interior details look expressively. The main concept of this living space: to live in harmony with belongings, having only the minimum which is necessary. This coincided with our vision of a modern interior.

Moderate consumption and environmental friendliness – each project is focused on the sustainable development of mankind. And the best designer is nature.” – one of the basic principles of Design Time.
There is a wardrobe with transparent facades in smoky glass and aluminum frame at the entrance. Backpanel in walnut. The rest of the body is a cool blue color. It is designed to soothe a hot heart after a busy day. The lamp is similar to Artemide. GIRA switches.
More difficult with the kitchen. It is small one. We decided to set a built-in refrigerator, that is Liebherr, to open it easily and nothing would hinder. The oven went down and gas panel was set over it. The left facade conceles a 450 mm dishwasher. The wall units was made in glass and outline with Salice profile. Сeiling ventilator is more than necessary as the sun loves this space very much.
The desire to have fun will never disappear. Therefore, we managed to place this dog with light bulbs as a sconce.
The center of the room is divided by a partition made of glass and metal. Fulvous floor “sprinkles” masculinity to this interior.
In the second part there is a bed and a pier glass with records and gramophone.

Moderate consumption and environmental friendliness allows to create spaces which love a person. No visual hustle and bustle.

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