Fox and porcupine. Bouroullec.

The Bouroullec brothers were born in the small town of Quimper in French Brittany. Ronan in 1971, and Erwan in 1976. All previous generations of the Bouroullec family were farmers. But these two guys violated family traditions and became world-famous designers.

Closer to 30 years, the brothers founded his own design studio Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

I was interested in their work when I saw the Aim FLOS lamp at Euroluce 2015. Especially since the year before the brothers received the London Medal for Design Achievement. And the design of this light source was developed in 2013, it is still relevant and is used in hundreds of design projects. After that, I promised myself that I would write about these design “pensioners” in more detail.

“Our relationship is very complex and simple. Sometimes I say, you are an idiot and the idea sucks. He constantly talks, and I always keep quiet. Therefore, there is a constant subtle game between us. Erwan is very straightforward with the engineers. When he wants a certain technical solution, they don’t agree, then Erwan could easily be rude to them. I then have to reconcile them” – says Ronan Bouroullec.
Modern studio products.
Screen RAYURES from Fr. “Strip” of laminated tempered glass fluts. Color: Gold, purple and transparent. Permissible use of a mirror. Glass veins can be directed vertically or horizontally. Special polished brass hinges.

2 objects were prepared for Vitra, a long-time partner of Bouroullec studio. On the campus of the Swiss brand, a ring-bench and a canal with running water Ruisseau (“Source”) were installed.

“It reminded me of those streams where you would easily put a paper boat and watch where it floats” – explained Erwan Bouroullec.
“The Alcova collection is a series of colored cast glass vases and geometric shapes that are organically folded. We approached this project brutally and straightforwardly, working with the thickness of the material and the casting process. So we kept all the magic of the ballet from molten glass, which is manipulated by the master glass blowers”

Adapting the TV to modern space is the most important task for Samsung and Studio Bouroullec. So a collection of Serif TVs was developed. QLED quality, for these screens, is the highest of Samsung standards.


Rennes and Chainettes, two-curtain design for Kvadrat. Rennes has wide diagonal and vertical tightly stitched stripes that intersect, creating bold colorful shapes. Chainettes thinner, it is made of fine lines with embroidered braids. These curtains are designed to play with light and shade.


Another development lamp Belt. His nature is a balance between soft and hard. The soft element is the connecting section, the hard part of the light source is a long LED beam. A belt is a line that can progress endlessly. All items are made of leather belts. Some of them carry weight, some electricity. The line can grow in space, rotate, rise or fall. 


Established & Sons asked the designers to review the workspace today. The office suite GRID was born. At the heart of the L-shaped design 2.5 m long, which allows you to have an office in the office or at home Side panels are available either in a metal grid, which provides some connection between the inside and the outside of the module or veneer of larch, or they are trimmed with acoustic upholstery. The brothers Bouroullec are also involved in it.

In conclusion.

More than 250 people participated in the design and construction of these fountains. 3 years of work and about 50 models, including 5 full-size. The experience and advanced technologies of 40 workshops and companies that took part in this unique project were required. The Swarovski engineers of the year created suitable material for the fountain. The output is a patented product.

“Our goal was to merge with the urban landscape, to delicate the transition from the silence and tranquility of the Tuileries gardens to the bustle of the Champs Elysées as delicately as possible” – the Bouroullec brothers explain.

Each structure consists of a 13 m high bronze mast that supports a series of crystalline suspended cells through which water flows and falls. Fountains slowly rotate to accompany passers-by and traffic. Their ballet reflects the natural choreography of the place. Rotation, in addition to the mirror effects of the crystals, creates continuous flickering and provides a constantly changing perspective. A chain of crystal reflect changes in light, time of year, sky, trees and car headlights. With the onset of darkness, the fountains light up, causing a bright air exposure.


In the work of the designer, it is important to remember about time. Nevertheless, it is possible as a porcupine to crawl through and demand the realization of ideas, and you can be a fox and achieve results somewhere with the help of diplomacy and cunning. The heroes of my article were lucky to combine 2 images in one. Good luck to you Studio Bouroullec.

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