Cersaie 2019

The most important event as regards ceramic surfaces was held in Bologna from 23 to 27 September – Cersaie 2019. There is not only tile section, but also bathroom furnishings, mixer taps, saunas and various kinds of raw materials are presented among exhibits. 

Surface designs is delicate and difficult. Every year hundreds of decors, trends and representations of old collections go through a change. Let’s see what this year have looked like. 
Mutina offered visitors an immersive journey (Alphabet) through materials, shadows and aesthetic language that characterise the company. And the second part of exposition with the name of “Chymia” created in collaboration with Laboratorio Avallone.
Cersaie 2019
All the photos – Federico Torra
The new interpretation of rectangle resonates with professionals. 

Mosaico collection + JOINTED Nero Puro. Rectangle mosaic. 


Appiani, Regolo collection.


Ultra-glossy majolica tiles look like they’re made by hand. With their dense glaze and minor flaws: smears, irregularities, pitting and variations in shades and patterns make every detail and the respective wall compositions, actually unique. Marazzi Lume, Crogiolo collection, 2019.


The one outcome: rectangles is trending again. 


Stone. Wood. 3D. There are no manufacturers today who would not have imitations of Carrara, Marquigny, Ceppo di Gre and other delights in their collections. The pattern is so close to a natural stone so it is difficult to understand what we have – a tile or a real breed. The same thing with wood, it repeats the exact and close to exact copy of the tree pattern.

Extrusion along three coordinate axes is another trend in tile surfaces, which has been going on since last year and is still relevant.

Purity of marble from Ceramiche Supergres is a project based on the selection and reproduction of ten types of extremely rare marble. It is difficult to meet in nature. Supergres selected and accurately reproduced all the veins, details and nuances of color presented on the best slabs of this beautiful marble.

Cersaie 2019
Ceppo di Gré by Italgraniti provides all the beauty of Italian stone with the same name as the original.

The interpretation of rare quartz, precious stones and lapis lazuli from around the world is dedicated to all temperamental people. This effect creates a universe of style with unlimited potential for stone lovers. MARVEL DREAM by Atlas Concorde.

Cersaie 2019
Spaniards from Land Porcelanico provides dramatic trend in the interior. Would you like to have one in the bathroom or we’ll send this collection to hotels and boutiques?

The elegant and informal Nordik Stone collection marks the culmination of FLAVIKER’s latest aesthetic research on typical materials of Northern European architecture: Belgian sedimentary stone and shell rock inspired the manufacturer to create a rustic ceramic surface that stands out with its slightly contrasting veins and small specks.

Cersaie 2019
The luxury stone of the Italian palazzo is created by CERAMICHE KEOPE with ease.
TWS provide the new collection – Trame di Pietra.
LUMINA FAP ceramiche
3D ceramics coverings decorate public walls more often, however, they are also suitable for home use.

STARWOOD from the Spanish brand Venis (Porcelanosa grupo) was created to close a niche in the market that requires the beauty of natural wood and characteristics of ceramics.

Pictart is Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s new porcelain tile collection, sophisticated and exclusive. Inspiration – stalks of banana leaves.
Those who want to see wood, but have reliable porcelain tiles under their feet, the version with the print of oak or walnut is right for you.

Anyway, the customization and capabilities of digital printing are so firmly entrenched in the world of ceramics that in every home comes unique in all its glory. But the struggle with excess weight and thickness is still ongoing. Although today thin ceramic wallpapers (6 mm) and wide-format ceramic slabs of 3000 mm have already appeared.

Retro inspiration and exclusive hand-drawn patterns by young designers. Thanks to the use of “cold” digital printing technology, which does not involve firing at high temperatures, the tile acquires deep, saturated and bright colors. Thickness 6 mm (of course, everything is reinforced). Sartoria.

Knowing what’s going on in the world of tile and decoration is absolutely necessary. But to choose is the case of everyone sensations, designers and sales consultants.

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