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Do you think glassblowing is that easy? Absolutely not. Glassblowing is one of the oldest craft professions in the world. With the help of glass blowers the Italian factory ITALAMP creates an elegant products in the field of lighting for apartmnets or houses. 

The manufacturer chose metal, glass, crystal, ceramics, and PVC as the main materials for manufacturing. But two heroes are constantly at the forefront – glass and light. Art director of the factory Danilo De Rossi along with Stefano Traverso and Roberto Vitadello are preparing new products for release and I note they are really good at it. Of course, the factory has collabs with famous designers of our time this is Marco Piva, Paola Navone, Daniele Basso and the design duet of Louis and Roberto Palombo.

Let’s look at the details of the selected products.

Lamp Rose‘ – des. Danilo De Rossi, 2018. Glass diffuser, metal. 

At 25 min and 43 seс the previous video shows how it is made.

Adria Sistema – by Luca Maria Arosio, Paolo Nava, 2018. Part of this lamp can be suspended and the rest can be easy placed on the wall.

Collier is a lamp designed by Macro Sadler. It resembles a necklace, pendant earrings or brooches in a playful, symbolic form, which simultaneously expresses the wealth of the whole system. A product with a sophisticated charm and the only limit when it comes to interior design is your own imagination. For this lamp even prepared a separate catalog.


Plates of white, gray and sand-colored glass became the basics when designing a lamp. Mura, designed by Louis and Roberto Palombo.


Deep Cora lamp created by KOZ + Susani Design. Glass diffuser with faded white or gold finish.

Sensational Marta lamp at Euroluce 2019 designed by Danilo De Rossi. 


Table lamp with golden metal, vintage laminate and fabric which was decorated in the form of an artistic collage. Design – Studio Mamo.


Paolo De Lucca and Valerio Bottin (the latter known for his work with Foscarini) developed the Orbite lamp. The diameter is 360 mm and the height is 250 mm. With its appearance it reminds us of the planets and their orbits.

At the end of the article I would like to highlight the work of young designers Luca Maria Arosio and Paolo Emmanuele Nava from the studio Nava + Arosio. Guys made a DALI ‘ lamp (we all remember the artist’s picture) from the thermal glass and metal tubes. Dimmable, temperature 3000 K, 930 lumen and 10 W. The plates are available in colors: amethyst, blue, gray and green.

Wish you much success ITALAMP an see you at Euroluce 2021.

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Glass blowres
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