MisuraEmme furniture design.

In 2014, it was the first time that I got acquainted with MisuraEmme furniture design, since then I swore that I would write an article about them. Later, one Italian acquaintance said that this is one of the “silent” factories in Italy, whose design never “screams” about itself. At that moment I started thinking. A year in Munich, I happened to see their showroom and I was completely fascinated by the “silence” of MisuraEmme.

The silence, as one famous artist said, is always accurate.

Further, let’s see the interior inspiration features of the Italian factory MisuraEmme.


Before talking in detail about the products, I want to note that in the arsenal of the manufacturer is listed:
– matt and gloss lacquer with the use of water-soluble based lacquer system, which doesn’t contaminate the environment and harmless for a human. In the furniture business, it became the first technology in the world certified with the AQUAVER mark. 
– glasses: matt, gloss, transparent, reflective
– mirror
– veneer
– laminates
– fabrics, leather and ecoleather 
– metals, marble and techno marble.

All of this is skilfully combined by designers such as Marco Piva, Alvar Aalto, Mauro Lipparini, Ennio Arosio and others. Of course, Mauro Lipparini made a great contribution to the development of the company.

A Tao daytime model designed by Mauro Lipparini. The linear design of the composition and attention to the smallest details determine the style of MisuraEmme furniture.

Next on the list is the wardrobe of Palo Alto (des. Gianni Borgonovo).

The design of the Palo Alto night room with smooth outlines of glass and the purity of aluminum lines. The idea stems from the desire to pamper yourself with an elegant, sophisticated, rigorous and impeccable design. At the same time, getting a “transparent” look at the things that we love.

MisuraEmme furniture design.

The modular Crossing system, also designed by Lipparini, adheres to the principles of vertical modeling. It means that elements are located along the wall or panels, shelving, and then begin to grow into space. It is important to think about weight of the structure. Crossing can hold a load of 400 kg. The decoration involves matte lacquer, gloss, veneer, glass and light.


The relief squares of the dynamic “London” cabinet facades are created by MisuraEmme’s design department. It remains only to figure out who was the first Poliform or our today’s heroes.


The mixed compositions of ecoleather, marble, wood and paint appeared to be appropriate in Over model (des. CASTIGLIA ASSOCIATI). There are also spans that can be made up to 2200 mm so it seemed to be more free.


An elegant Milvian set for the sleeping area, which consists of two different bedside tables and a dresser, designed by Francesco Lucchiese. The facades veneered in oak, a top made of marble distorted by smoky glass. The shaped shoulders of the sidewalls goes down to the ground. A balanced and coordinated communication we’ve got. To suit the bedroom.

In other words, who longs for peace and quiet, these furniture is right for your interior.


At the beginning of the article, I took the responsibility to declare that the MisuraEmme factory creates a “silent” furniture design. No noise, just accurate and precise. Thanks to excellent catalogs and renderings, the factory loudly declared itself to the market. And now it has hundreds of dealers and agents around the world. I note that the company has not ceased to follow its principles since 1902. So the factory earned international recognition and authority.

Lastly, look at the details of Madison sideboard (des. M.Lipparini).

It is an item with a great character, like the whole MisuraEmme story.
All the photos provided by MisuraEmme

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