Solidworks and engineering process

Object modeling

If your idea was to create a specific product, then we can bring it to life. To create engineering models of products using 2 programs Solidworks and Ansys. The first allows you to see the future of the product from all sides in the volume and give it a realistic display in accordance with the selected material for a preliminary assessment of the design. And the second helps to analyze the created models for strength, slip, loads, friction, radiation, conductivity, prepares thermal and acoustic analysis.

Manipulator for the production of parts
3D model contour images
Contour 3D model of the manipulator
Manipulator and conveyor table model another view
Model of the manipulator and conveyor table
Model of the manipulator and conveyor table

High-performance computing can be done in the program Ansys.

  • Strength – final deformations, random vibrations, 3D contact with friction, structural dynamics;
  • Fluid and Gases – multicomponent flow, reacting flows, turbulence models, laminar flow, multiphase flow;
  • Heat transfer – radiation, phase transition, conductivity, convection, mass transfer;
  • Electromagnetism – magnetostatics, electrical heating, eddy currents, connection circuits.

You can reduce all engineering assumptions by including all physics in one unified Ansys environment.

physical impact analysis
An imitation of the laser blow in the Ansys program
An imitation of the laser blow in the Ansys program.

Thus, we can help with the tasks of engineering graphics and 3D-modeling of specific products. And also create a copy of the photo and conduct an analysis of the physical impact.

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