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This company began to develop in the field of interior design of kitchen in 1929. For 90 years, the factory has been dedicated to creating beautiful, multifaceted and innovative kitchens. After all, the kitchen is a place that nourishes the body and soul. So SieMatic becomes a part of your family and a reliable friend.

The design language of SieMatic kitchens is vibrant and diverse. This was achieved with the help of three product lines: Pure, Classic and Urban. Not without significant details. It is on them that every manufacturer draws attention.

On the example of the SLX model (sounds like the name of an expensive car), we will see what nuances the German manufacturer catches.

New 2019 kitchen SieMatic SLX Pure. An island in the center of the world. Polished plinth.
Keywords kitchen SLX – Feelings. Weightlessness. Light. Transparency.

The heart of the kitchen design was the lack of handles. Or rather, their integration into the facade. Plus, a delicate proportion of 6.5 mm thickness, since the handle itself does not completely cover the edge of the facade. The handle channel is ribbed, which enhances tactile sensations. In the appendage, finger grip is excellent. At the same time, the Germans worked great with the color and texture of aluminum, in my opinion.


Another detail is the weightlessness of 5 mm countertops. Of course, it is not so “soaring”, but the effect deserves attention.

Perfectly selected the brightness and temperature of the thin LED profile. Its placement in the shadow gap of the handle played into the hands of the manufacturer. The light formed a pleasant three-dimensional effect.


Weightlessness and transparency are achieved using transparent cabinets. The desire to let light into the furniture has been relevant for about 5 years so precisely and, most likely, it will not slow down the same years 5. The most interesting thing is how manufacturers solve the glass side problem. SieMatic has rails with thin glass shelf holders. Chevron at the back panel is not a new reception, but SieMatic can afford it in 2019.

I used back panels a chevron in the project of a year ago for a meeting room.

Zikmann Ulrich, CEO SieMatic Mobelwerke calls SLX kitchen unique design philosophy. We agree with this statement. After all, the contours and materials, light and shadows distinguish it from many relatives. To this we add excellent internal organization and ergonomics.

Handle and profile of transparent facades.
Beveled facades and the cabinet body in a suspended state. In a column.

Renders SLX kitchen

With such a set of first-class elements, SieMatic wishes you great sales. Write in the comments an overview of what furniture factories you would like to read. Next in line is the Italian Modulnova.

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