Special guise of Dada

There are 6 models of kitchens are presented in Tokyo on 360 sq.m.  On 17 December 2018, Dada flagship showroom was open.

A total of 9 models are in the program of Dada furniture design. Six designers are involved in its creation. I will talk about three kitchens, which seemed to me the most interesting.

The first Dada showroom in Japan.
VVD model peculiarities:
VVD is an abbreviation on behalf of the Belgian architect and concurrently creative director of the  Molteni & C | Dada Vincent van Duyzen.
In this model, as in all the works of the master, details are barely noticeable. Light, forms and materials comes first. So thin vertical lines of the side are woven with thick details of the worktop. Open and closed spaces interact with each other.
The island is made of steel fronts, the tabletop is the Ceppo di Gré stone (Milan has being stoned clad for 2000 years). Snacktop – graphite oak, pewter frame.

Sink bowl from the same stone. Ideal adhesion.
Open-ended drawers, graphite oak. The groove to open doors.
The same model can be ordered with walnut facades and porphyry green top. Load-bearing frame in a pewter color.
Units with matt facades in racy clay color, pewter frame.
Internal shelves – walnut, side and back panels lacquered in metal color.
Pivot facades in columns and a glass facade in aluminum frame.
In this combination – glossy silicon facades, lava top, crowning side and snack – pewter color.
Wall unit – glass shelves and facades in aluminium pewter-colored frame. Concealed hinges Salice Air. LED light.

One more kitchen – HI-LINE 6 FRAME DOOR (R&D Dada). A simple, unitary design and a central focus on wooden pocket-facades.

Facades in eucalyptus veneer, units in pewter color, steel worktop.
All the units are built in.

Drawers – GRASS Vionaro. I note that all Dada kitchens are equipped with Nova Pro systems, some models are equipped with top boxes from GRASS – Vionaro, in 4 heights 63/89/185/281 mm. At the same time anodized sides with a certain texture are patented by Dada. The width can reach 1200 mm. The finish is the same eucalyptus, internal accessories in smoked oak.

There is a dark nut together with Carrara marble. Columns – matt moka color + bronze glass in a titanium frame.
The peninsula is in clay color, schienale and tabletop are made using sandblast technique. The snack bar is covered with dark walnut and the columns with bronze glass and pewter frame. LED backlight with adjustable angle of illumination. Wing’s shelf system is really light as a sail.

For last, Tivali, designed by the Argentinian master Dante Bonuccelli. It is a kithcen box or L-box. Inspired by works of Le Corbusier o Mies Van der Rohe, Bonuccelli wanted to get the kitchen without any extra lines and details. So we’ve got Tivali.

Special guise of Dada

Corner composition – external facades of graphite oak, patented opening system by Dada. Internal facades – clay color. Granite or steel worktop.

7 useful ideas in kitchen design from Dada.


1. Operating column. The space for the culinary specialist is organized. Parameters of the column are fixed.

– width 1050/1358 mm
– height 2091/2123 mm
– sliding worktop (GRASS) with a load capacity of 60 kg, stress test – 200.000 cycles.

– natural LED, which doesn’t distort the color of food.

Such columns are increasingly becoming a new kitchen unit along with cupboards and bases. Sliding steel worktop based on Fold & Slide technology, plus sockets, shelves, baskets and lighting.

2. Pivot columns. It was developed in 2016. Facades can be open by 175° and it has magnet closing system. There is 2  variant: with working surface or kitchen appliances.


3. Facades for Flair column and wall untis are made with a 19 mm thick aluminium frame in titan or pewter finish. The doors are available in three tempered 4 mm thick glasses: transparent extra-clear, fumé and bronze. An extrusion to open. Column height – 2009/2123/2256 mm.

4. One of my favorite types of columns – open. Glass shelves, pull-out trays and wine glass holders in one unit. All this covered in walnut or glass and sprinkled with three thousand Kelvin.

5. The Futura wall unit saw the light back in 1987. Now it is a reliable construction with dimensions:  900/1050/1200/1350/1500/1650/1800 mm. It is also compatible with the built-in hood and vertical partitions may lack.

6. And one more component is BRIGHT wall unit. Its peculiarity is in the absence of vertical partitions, since the hinges (SALICE Air) are connected only with the upper and lower elements of the body. The unit gets clean and bright, while the back panel can be finished with any cover.

7. And the last element of Dada kitchen is trolleys and cutting boards. This is an ironic component about the kitchen, which undoubtedly appeals to me. It is convenient and mobile, has its own character and at the same time it is an integral part of the kitchen.

It can be a single movie about organizing drawers in Dada kitchen. 
And that’s all for today. 

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