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In the timeline one of the most advanced manufacturer which specializes on doors, partition systems and furniture production, you can see the name – Giuseppe Bavuso. 


This talented person enhances the competence of Rimadesio in developing glass sliding doors, wardrobes, bookshelves, tables and other furniture.

Beppe adhere to a minimalist design in creating products. The designing of the flagship two-storey Rimadesio showroom 1200 sq.m. in Giussano was entrusted to him.

Let’s walk trough the Rimadesio Stand during Salone Del Mobile 2018 

Rimadesio_Salone 2018
The stand is readily identifiable in a reinforcing mesh, you can see the fragments right through it. It’s the way when an interest to come in and see what’s inside appers.
Rimadesio_Salone 2018_stand
Middle room display unit Alambra, design Giuseppe Bavuso
Aluminum frame, bronze color, reflective glass; gray mirror and transparent glass shelves + leather drawers are inside
The main characterising elements are glass, aluminium and wood. Close attention is paid to details. From profiles which define the contour to textured glass panels
Design Index ADI 2016

Going forth, you can see Zenit wardrobe systems, a Manta table, a Self bold sideboard and, of course, sliding doors.

Rimadesio_Salone 2018_stand_5
Rimadesio_Salone 2018_stand_7
Rimadesio_Salone 2018_stand_8
Rimadesio_Salone 2018_stand_9
Rimadesio_Salone 2018_stand_22

Rimadesio’ s production technology. 

The solar energy production is being used.
iColorsystem is a technology using water-based ecologic paints of less harmful environmental impacts than traditional spraying method.
Range of colors Rimadesio
Besides traditional tempered glass (at a temperature of 650º) and triplex there are smooth transparent, satined and magnetron (for a special reflecting effect) glasses, mirrors with a high reflectivity, glossy and mat lacquered glasses, and reflective glasses in Rimadesio’s program.
Rimadesio makes use of several types of aluminium alloys, ranging from EN AW 6060/T6 to EN AW 6005A/T6 F25; the latter ensures exceptional technical performance in terms of resistance to bending and to torsion, and it is used for sliding systems, for tables and for structural elements that are most subject to stress. Also aluminium with wood veneer 0,5 mm thick

But what new can you expect from Rimadesio in 2018. The first novelty is the Spazio wall partition system.

Universal Spazio partitions. For the internal organization of domestic and public environments.
rimadesio spazio
Rimadesio offers the option of compositions made to order for middle, niches, linear, corner, C-shaped and quadrilateral solutions.
Of course, you can add sliding doors to stationary partitions. The maximum ceiling height cannot exceed 2940 mm and 2925 mm for the door. Door minimum width of 320 mm, maximum – 1500 mm. And what about irregular walls, you may ask? The frame with a telescopic 6-15 mm adjustment can help with irregularities depending on the type.
And here are telescopic adjusting profiles

And one more variation is Flat table. It is made of glass and aluminium. It’s constructed according to the Lego principle. Maximum available length is 2000 mm for a table with four supporting legs. 

Flat system_rimadesio
Bearing in mind the emergence of coworking centers and a plenty of collaborative projects, these tables are demanded

Zenit and Dress Bolt wardrobe have also been added  by current finishes and integrated led lighting.

Zenit wardrobe, design Giuseppe Bavuso, 1998. Award KBB 2000, Design Index ADI 2001
Drawers and shelves can be in melamine elm with bottom in brown leather
Dress Bold back panels in fabric

Which else Rimadesio products are so fascinating?

Vela door (design G. Bavuso) with pivot opening and magnetic closing profile. It was awarded with the XXI ADI Compasso d’Oro.
Eos shelves (design Bavuso 2011). The invisible fixing uprights for the shelves with an internal led lighting system.
Velaria sliding doors (design Bavuso)
Graphis sliding doors (design Bavuso)
Stripe sliding doors
2009 year, Abacus modular system (design Bavuso). Drawers and coplanar sliding doors and extremely thin shelves
Charlotte sideboard 2011. A helpful unit for a living room in the spirit of Giuseppe Bavuso. Glass, heat treated oak

Wish you a great success, Rimadesio 

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