The place of recuperation

When we can say: I feel like I am born again ? Obviously,  we feel it after SPA, sauna or swimming in the lake. Energy is transferred through the water and enrich us. That’s awesome.

Fire is a timeless phenomenon. Looking into the fire and hear its crackling, you unwittingly slow down the thoughts. Like all your mental landscape reposes. In those moments you can always make out important nuances. To think about the essence.

In this design project of wellness house it was decided to combine these two incredibly wonderful thing – fire and water. There we have an organized fireplace and sauna, also a ready terrace with a stove.


In winter, bask in the warmth of the fireplace with the cup of hot cocoa. Or just dream with a glass of red wine on the eve of the holidays.

The situation of the project is the following: transformer bed, kitchen with an island, brick, wood, barn-style doors with open or hidden hardware, rocking chair, fireplace.

Sauna visualization consists of traditional elements: heated pebble floor, relaxing purple light in the steam room and a tub with an icy water on the way out.


In summer, you can make a tasty meat with vegetables and enjoy the inhalation of herbs and flowers essence.


To make an interior visualization order, go to the contacts and fill the form.



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